Detailed, Actionable Analysis to Drive Performance, Cash Flow and Profitability.

Improve cash flow. Boost profitability. Benchmark performance. For small to mid-size companies, Fiscal Checkup provides in-depth financial analysis and actionable insights that fuel better decisions and identify effective next steps.

You will receive a comprehensive financial picture along with recommendations on how to improve key financial metrics based on your current position and industry rankings.

Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand, Fiscal Checkup is a powerful tool that helps you focus and prioritize actions that maximize business viability and value.

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What will Fiscal Checkup do for your business?


  • As a business performance expert, I continually look for ways to better serve my clients, their businesses and their financial and operational success. The Fiscal Checkup report gives me the starting point to do exactly that. It’s a comprehensive guide to my client’s current and future success in their business. Whether they want to improve their business performance or increase the value of their business, Fiscal Checkup serves both purposes better than anyone else.

    Rodger Stephens, CPA, CGMA — Business Performance Expert — Prize Performance LLC
  • Roger provides one of the best outlined and presented webinars I’ve attended.  As an educator and consultant in project management and business analysis, I appreciate his detail and clarity in presenting company financial data for analysis and forecasting.  Fiscal Checkup is at the top of my SaaS resource recommendations list to both my students and clients.

    Garrison Lloyd, Adjunct Instructor — Augsburg College
  • “Fiscal Checkup provided a great overview of our financials. We were able to compare our company vs. others in the industry and see how we stacked up. The reports provided great feedback on our current practices and suggested improvements. It was amazing to see how a couple simple adjustments to our practices could potentially double our cash flow.”

    Kimberlee Abel, Corporate HR/Accounting Manager — Northwoods Paper Converting, Inc.
  • “The Fiscal Checkup report allows us to improve communication with our lender. They can actually understand our business instead of just the numbers.”

    Tim Schierl, Co-CEO — Team Schierl Companies
  • “Fiscal Checkup has been a great tool for our management team. Sharing the information from Fiscal Checkup not only provides our managers with the facts, but also helps each of them learn how to use the data and how financial analysis can be so valuable! It keeps us on the same page, focusing on the right data, and understanding the data to keep us driving our business forward. Fiscal Checkup does the work, so we can keep our focus on key areas and day-to-day business, yet still have the detailed analysis at our fingertips!”

    Shanna L. Scheithauer, Director of Accounting & HR — Enerquip, LLC
  • “With our Fiscal Checkup I was able to easily and effectively communicate key metrics and trends to our investors in an easy to understand layout.”

    Doug Munsey, President — KiMobility

Five proprietary advantages of Fiscal Checkup
What we do that no one else does


We provide a sophisticated business valuation—at no additional cost.


We tie improvements in performance to increases in valuation—hat clients can achieve if they take action.


We include extensive narrative—not just charts and graphs—we explain issues in plain English.


We create a custom, blended industry comparable ​using up to 5 NAIC codes to ensure accurate comparisons.


We calculate viability of business going forward.